Real Estate Law

avocat droit copropriétéShared property
  •  Initiating debt enforcement proceedings, taking protective and definitive measures and follow-up of litigation associated with measures of execution
  •  Legal assistance in the context of legal expertises and implementation of the preventive summary procedure
  •  Legal assistance in the context of litigations regarding common parts or urgent works
  •  Legal assistance in the context of annual general assembly of co-owners especially as to explain legal procedure
  •  Legal advice concerning and drafting of general assembly resolution
  •  Employment law specific to co-ownership liaise
avocat droit baux commerciauxCommercial leases, Business leases and Civil leases
  •  Legal advice, negotiation and drafting of commercial leases, business leases and civil leases ; informal occupancy agreements and short-term leases
  •  Legal advice concerning, and drafting of, notices to terminate a lease and requests for lease renewal
  •  Legal advice in the context of termination of lease (eviction and occupation compensation)
  •  Initiation and follow-up of litigation concerning proper enforcement of leases ; initiating debt enforcement proceedings, taking protective and definitive measures and follow-up of litigation associated with measures of execution
  •  Regarding Commercial leases specifically : initiation and follow-up of de-specialisation proceedings and removing celling
avocat droit constructionConstruction
  •  Judicial appraisals : ordinary and administrative courts
  •  Assistance during the work phase as worksite incident ; performance difficulties ; abondonment of the worksite ; termination of the construction contract …
  •  Assistance at time of work acceptance (amicable investigations and disputes concerning claims )
  •  Enforcement of legal warranties (enforcement of the completion bond, punch-list items, work defects insurance, two-year and ten-year warranties)
avocat droit saisie immobilièreReal Estate transactions
  •  Procedures for property seizure and seizure proceeds distribution
  •  Legal assistance of bidder
  •  Learn about our offer in property seizure in the downloaded presentation here : offre saisie-immobilière
  •  Learn about our ongoing sales (lien vers ventes en cours)
avocat droit baux commerciauxConseil et Contentieux en Transactions Immobilières
  • Analyse juridique et fiscale des biens et droits à céder ou à acquérir et des conditions de l’opération ; Vérification de l’origine de la propriété
  • Conseil, assistance et représentation dans le cadre :
    • des avant-contrats de vente (offre/acceptation, promesses unilatérales ou synallagmatiques, compromis)
    • du contentieux relatif aux conditions suspensives et à la responsabilité de l’acquéreur/du vendeur
    • des actions en exécution forcée, en paiement de clause pénale / en résiliation
  • Assistance et représentation dans les contentieux de la vente immobilière de la vente en l’état futur d’achèvement
  •  a dedicated team
  •  a network of technical specialists (experts at the courts, as well as at the appeals courts and specialized firms)
  •  an offer that is easy to understand and is tailored to the property management company’s specific financial constraints
  •  an understanding of the practical functioning of a property management company
  •  a financial expertise, thereby ensuring effective legal representation in collection matters

avocat entreprise en difficulté